The sustainable travel guide: Barcelona

The sustainable travel guide: Barcelona

Laura Egea: Art director, photographer and content creator, based in Barcelona, Spain.


What are your favorite sustainable things to do in Barcelona?
“Usually I buy most of my clothes at Alabama Collect , it's a vintage showroom where Paula has a curated selection of vintage designs and brands.

My fav spot is Mecanic located in Gracia it's and old garage transformed in to a book store and gallery where you can also eat and have a coffee, it's very nice!

Lately I help my friend Nuria with her beauty brand called Rowse Beauty a collection of pure plant-based skincare essentials inspired by personal values and a deep respect for the environment.

Best advice for someone who wants to live more sustainably?
“I always travel around the city by bike and whenever I can I prefer to take a walk before using public transport, I frequently visit a 2hand library called ReRead where I find interesting books of art and architecture with affordable prices. It seems very good to be able to give a second life to books that we no longer want and that others may need.

Attempt to avoid the excessive consumption of clothing, buying quality and design or vintage.It is not necessary to specify the importance of recycling and reducing the consumption of plastic, carrying your own shopping bags, buy less plastic...

I try to do my best and integrate small actions into my day a day :)”

What do you like about the 8Table?
“The most I like of the 8table is the design and the easy of assembly, I love simple furniture and rattan is one of my favorite materials. It doesn't weigh much and has a thousand uses, from tea table, to decoration table in a corner of the house.”


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