The studio that designs carbon neutral kitchens

The studio that designs carbon neutral kitchens

Design studio Ask go Eng

Ask og Eng in Norway designs sustainable, high-quality kitchens in bamboo. During growth, bamboo absorbs more Co2 than is released during production, something that makes it Co2 neutral over the complete lifecycle. And it grows fast without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers - so yes, you can get a carbon neutral kitchen!

Name 3 sustainable things you can do in Norway, Oslo and why you like them so much.
“Do a picnic in the park in one of the many parks throughout Oslo on a warm summer day - because it is a good place to hang out, good vibes and a perfect green spot in an otherwise busy city.Go hiking at Sognsvann - the woods are located really close to the city in Oslo, so a good hike is only a metro ride away. You can just get off at the metro station and you are immediately in the woods. Because it feels really good to get out of the city at times, and nothing beats a good waffle and a cup of coffee by the lake, surrounded by birds and trees.

A visit to Restaurant Kontrast - a super restaurant with focus on ecological and locally produced food!”

We wouldould love to hear your tips for living more sustainable. How do you live more sustainable - is it something you include in your work?
“We all agree that we need to lower our consumption level, but in order to make this transition easy on everyone and making sure that we all contribute; I believe it cannot be done at the expense of our living standards and sustainable living has to be made easily accessible. We believe in buying less, but investing in quality. And that is what we try to offer through our company Ask og Eng. When we first buy something new, we invest in something that we truly like and that we know we will enjoy for years. Off course we also look to other sustainable design like your self. Also a lot of our furniture is bought second hand. We recycle, sell and buy second hand. We have also actively taken the choice to live within a small area, where our workshop, home and day care is closely located, so that we can spend less time and money on transport, use the car less and minimize our emissions and as a bonus, have more time together.”

What do you like about the 15Chair? Was it complicated to assemble?
“We love the 15 chair, we love the thought that you have put in to it, that it is made out of sustainable materials, were one of the main reasons why we chose this chair, and we found it very easy to unfold!”


The Ask og Eng studio was founded by Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng early 2016, after having built several sustainable kitchens and furniture for themselves.


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