We create products with as little impact on the environment as possible. For you to hold on to as long as possible. 

As a company, we want our customers to be able to enjoy our products for a long time, be able to pass it on to the next generation and we want to create them with a good conscience. Therefore we find it vital for us to both be transparent with our customers about how and where our pieces are made, and to stay up-to-date with new innovations and constantly work to minimize our environmental impact.

Our material.

Where our wood comes from.
In an effort to make our production even more environmentally friendly we source our wood from forests in Sweden that do not support clear cutting, as it is a process that results in rapidly declining biodiversity. Our suppliers instead choose which trees to cut down based on maturity and size, and therefore the ecosystem in the forests we buy from have functioning ecosystems where a myriad of species and trees of different ages and sizes are constantly maintained.

We want to participate in keeping our forests natural, beautiful and varied. As for our products, the quality of timber from the forests where we source our material is generally higher. This provides better conditions for the production of long-lived products. Meaning your products will last longer.

All our furniture are locally produced in Sweden for as high quality as possible. Our clothing production is Stockholm, Sweden based. 

Our skincare is locally and sustainably made in Croatia. All based on the golden nectar of Istria - immortelle oil, lavender, rosemary, grape seed, cedar, figs, citrus -perfected by local organic ingredients sourced by artisan producers and independent laboratories. The main ingredient is the powerful Immortelle oil, one of the most valued essential oils in the world and a superhero for your skin.

We always source FSC certified, sustainably reclaimed and ethical wood. Meaning we take the pieces that furniture producers normally would not want to use. By doing this all of our products are unique, as no two pieces of wood are the same. This creates a variety and one-of-a-kind creations, reminding us that they once were trees with knots and differences in color.

Our rattan is FSC certified, handwoven and unbleached. This creates beautiful color variations that cannot be found in bleached rattan. As of now, rattan is the only material we import in our production. We believe it is of great importance to support sustainable production in the rainforests. Our producers are one of the few ones there that are sustainable and we want to help then develop their business in an effort to make the whole world a little more environmentally friendly.


Sustainable, long-lasting furniture should be available for everyone. But, as hand made products are expensive, we only sell our products in our own store today, to avoid markups.

Please email for more information.

Our packaging is made of 100% recycled material. The label is printed on eco friendly paper and with sustainable ink made in a fabric powered entirely by solar cells, where the energy produced equals about 600 metric tons less emissions of CO2 per year.

On our journey to completely locally produced and environmentally friendly production we are always searching for innovations. At the moment, we're working to try a new plastic free glue developed in Sweden to name one current sustainable collaboration. Should you have a collaboration you'd like to discuss with us please send us an email.


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