Frequently Asked Questions


What does pre order mean?
All of our products are hand made by carpenters, as we decided to put quality first in our production. This means they take a little longer to make and therefore most of our products are sold out the minute they arrive at our headquarters. To speed up the process we started accepting pre orders, which basically mean you can book your product as it is being made and it will ship to you as soon as it's ready. The estimated shipping date is stated on the product page of the ones that are open for pre order.


Will the 25Lamp be available in oak or in any darker wood tones again?
Since we started producing the 25Lamp, oak and walnut has been over exploited and the quality has declined. As sustainability is the core of out studio, we decided to discontinue the use of oak and walnut in our production and focus on finding more sustainable materials.

Product care

The 25Lamp
Use a damp cloth to clean it and make sure to hold on to the socket when changing light bulbs. We recommend using 6W Philips dimmable LED light bulbs.

The 15Chair and 8Table
Rattan is a natural and very strong material, however with time it dries and can get sensitive. To avoid this we recommend using a soaking the rattan with water once a month using a spray bottle, then wiping away any excess water with a cloth and letting it dry. This will extend the longevity of your chair or table.

Should you want to give your furniture a little extra care we recommend dissolving soap flakes in lukewarm water and then apply the mixture on the back of the rattan. Wipe away any excess water using a cloth. 

Can the 15Chair be used outside?

Yes, but move it inside if it starts to rain. This is because we have chosen a glue that is plastic free and environmentally friendly, which could dissolve if it is exposed to too much rain. 



I placed a pre order, how will I know when it's ready to ship?
You'll receive a shipping confirmation once your product is on it's way, the estimate shipping date is provided on the product page of all products on pre order. 

I didn't receive an order confirmation, did my purchase go through?
If your order confirmation didn't arrive at once, give it a few hours and if you still haven't received it, please contact us, we're always happy to help.


Shipping & returns

For any questions regarding shipping and returns, please see our policy here. If this didn't answer your question, feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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