Living sustainably with Pia Riverola

Living sustainably with Pia Riverola

Pia Riverola, photographer

Pia Riverola was born and raised in Barcelona, and currently resides between Mexico City and Los Angeles. With an acute eye for detail and color, she creates captivating imagery across the genres of fashion, still life, landscape, and architectural photography with clients like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar,Vice, i-D, Goop, and Wallpaper*

Name 3 sustainable things you can do in Los Angeles?

"Ali Golden for clothing, it’s right next to my house and its a fair trade brand with really beautiful design, textiles and patterns. Buy locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables from Farm Fresh To You, a delivery system that brings fresh organic products to your house on a weekly basis, you can choose every week which products you want. Eat at Elf Cafe - a really good persian restaurant on the east side of the city with great natural wines and vegetarian organic dishes!  For groceries, I go to cookbook, all organic and delicious. I also eat at SQIRL, a delicious restaurant and everything is home made and locally sourced. And last but surely not least, I shop my sportswear at Outdoor Voices - love them!"

Any tips for someone who wants to live more sustainably? How do you live more sustainable?

“I try always to buy from farmers markets and local stores that have seasonal products from the area of California. When i’m not traveling I have a suscription to farmfreshtoyou which sends a box with veggies and fruits every Monday to my home for a closed price.  Another tip is try to walk as much as you can. Good for the environment and health and it allows you to notice the world and see nature and everything around you. I love walking in Los Angeles and smelling the flowers and looking at my surroundings! Plus in LA if you see any fruit on a tree of a neighbor but the branch is outside their property its legal to grab it and eat it :)"

What do you like about the 15Chair? Was it complicated to assemble?

“I love how simple to mount it is, and how it feels really high quality and beautiful wood.  It can serve as a chair but also as a decoration item,  I love to have a few books and objects on top and since its low it can be used as nightstand or side table too!”


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