Living sustainably with Marissa Mooiman

Living sustainably with Marissa Mooiman

Marissa Mooiman, mom & sales/brand consultant 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
"First of all I am a mom of a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. My heart beats faster when working with fashion, lifestyle brands and interior styling. Now I'm aiming for more conscious and slow living sometimes easy, sometimes a challenge with those little ones running around."

Favorite sustainable things to do when in the Netherlands?

Going around by bike
Definitely the most sustainable way to discover Amsterdam right?

They have an organic, gluten free all day breakfast menu with a lot of vegan options and a great selection of fashion brands too.

One of my own fave restaurants where they make the menu based on ingredients that are in season.

Mr & Mrs Watson 
If you want to experience a plant based food bar with some very good cheese alternatives!

Best advice for someone who wants to live more sustainably?
"I am a vegetarian, and I truly believe this is were to start contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. I try to make conscious and sustainable choices in every day life, when it comes to buying groceries, care products and such. As for clothes, and especially for the kids as well, I made big process the last years by focusing on durability."

What do you like about the 25Lamp?
“Absolutely loved the story behind it, to make a product with as small impact on the environment as possible, and than shipping it flat packed! I was looking for something that would match our dining table and chairs perfectly. The look is modern, natural and soft at the same time, and was not complicated to unfold at all”.


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