Learn the art of relax, detox and shine at Yobaba Lounge retreat

Learn the art of relax, detox and shine at Yobaba Lounge retreat

After Gaudi and tapas in Barcelona and a 5 hour drive along the squiggly roads and breathtaking green pyrenees (with a "wow" every two seconds) we landed at Gertrud Keazor's place, or palace. One of our most fabulous journeys to the south of France, where Marcel Proust once visited and Eiffel designed the stairs on the orangery.

Gertrud Keazor is a former international fencing athlete, a massage therapist and a Reiki practitioner. She has studied different approaches to meditation and mindfulness and has a deep interest in the non-dual philosophies detailed in the eastern Shaivinist Tantras. Her approach to self-care and healing is further informed by her study of energetic healing systems. Drawing on these and other interests, Gertrud has formalised a mindfulness practice called Embodied Meditation, which she teaches on retreat at Yobaba Lounge. The practice incorporates use of ujjayi breath, mindful movement, and uses sound and visualisations to facilitate a deep state of meditation and awareness of inner space. She has transformed her own life through this comprehensive healing practice.



Yobaba Lounge provide a healing diet of clean vegan food, free from gluten and processed sugars (often raw). The food is beautiful, alchemical, decadent and unbelievably satisfying. Food was a natural next step in Gertrud's journey to embodied mindfulness. She is self-taught but has always cooked for her children experimenting with flavours and exotic ingredients. She started to experiment with food free from meat, dairy, sugar and grains for the very first retreat 2013. "In those days there were very few, if any, recipes for that. So, I just went for it. Making food this way brought me unexpected joy. The colours and textures, the presentation with things I found in the garden, and above all, the undoubted beneficial effects on my guests!" 


To book a weekend with a focus on food philosophy or embodied mediation visit Yobaba Lounge.


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