Greta Cevenini on green living in Milan

Greta Cevenini on green living in Milan

Greta Cevenini, stylist, set designer and interior architect based in Milan, Italy. 

What are your favorite sustainable things to do when in Milano?
“The most typical Green experience in Milan is the lunch at the Cascina. The Cascina are typical buildings of the 1700s/1800s that have been recovered in recent years and made available to citizens. They are places to meet and come together where you can often eat typical healthy dishes and spend a day in the open area in contact with nature.

In Milan there are many street markets, where you can buy food at zero kilometers, vintage clothes or antique furniture. Obviously my favorite is the antiques market on the Naviglio Grande, where you can find really special items in a typically Milanese location.

Milan, especially in recent years, is rediscovering locations and buildings from the past, giving them new life rather than building new spaces. My favorite example is the Spazio Alcova (an old disused panettone factory) used as a space for the Salone del Mobile since 2018, now it has become a real meeting point for events related to art and design throughout the city.”

Best advice for someone who wants to live more sustainably?
“I believe that living in a more sustainable way is easy, just start with what feels less difficult then move on to the next step and make this approach a part of our daily routine.

In my own small way I eliminated the car from my life. I love cycling and it is my favorite way to move around in the city, it puts me in a good mood and is an important part of my day. For work or when the weather is really bad I use public transport or electric car sharing. Perfect green choice and no stress for parking!

I strive to minimize all plastic as much possible. I stopped buying water in plastic bottles and I always carry a shopping bag with me.

Last but not least, I love flea markets, where I often find beautiful objects that are also useful for my work. I like to find unique pieces and give them a new life.”

What do you like about the 15Chair?
“I loved the packaging. Unfortunately with my work and all the various photo shoots, many products we use comes in large packaging causing a lot of waste. The 15Chair has a very small package, perfect for shipping.

When it arrived I thought something was wrong because the packaging was really small for a chair. Instead it was all right! Packaging is designed to be as sustainable as possible and the 15Chair is very easy to assemble, with a few super intuitive steps.”

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