A rattan table in pine wood makes for a perfect coffee table, or as a side table to brighten up an apartment corner. Pairs well with the 15Chair but could also be enjoyed on its own. The durable was creates a perfect finish that protects the surface from stains and makes the wood a few shades darker.

Product information

65cm long x 35cm wide x 45cm height.

Made from 100% sustainable rattan ans FSC Certified wood. The table is then carefully hand made in Stockholm, Sweden by carpenters from the prestigious Carl Malmsten school for as high quality as possible - built to last. Made from Swedish sustainably sourced solid pine with a unique look as every piece of wood is hand selected. We use the finest locally sourced wax, the very same that is used when restoring woodwork in Versailles. It's made from beeswax and linseed oil, nothing else, and the three day long process is done completely by hand.

All our products are made to order. Once your order is made our carpenters will start making your piece. We believe in taking time to ensure your furniture arrives beautifully made, and therefore a turnaround time of 8-10 weeks is often to be expected. 

Any other questions please se our FAQ or contact us.
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