Non-violent Silk Pillowcase


Sleep tight on our non-violent silk pillowcase.


Why choose non-violent silk?

Conventional silk farming has both ecological issues due to the use of pesticides and ethical issues since it involves killing the silk worm before it emerges from its cocoon. Sustainable farming is managed without the use of antibiotics and pesticides, cocoons have more space, and the worm is actually let out of the cocoon when it becomes a moth. 

This allows the silk to be manufactured without harm to the beings that created it - the mulberry silk moth. 


Why produce in India?

Our soft, silk pillowcase is made in close partnership with a small scale highly conscious manufacturer in India supporting their work empowering women and preserving local biodiversity. Anything created by their artisans is an action in itself – for the climate, for equality, for slow fashion, for promoting local cultures, for the safety of women at the workplace. 91% of their workforce are women. They are a happy close-knit family. They pay their artisans well, and always on time. Moreover, providing the weavers and their families with access to education, healthcare & clean drinking water is something they are deeply committed to. 



Everything they do is a reflection of our philosophy. From the thread, through the dyeing and weaving, everything is done in -house; and they can provide full information on any detail upon request, including the name of the weaver and production times from beginning to end. 


Ahmisa Silk

All fabrics are hand-spun, naturally-dyed, and hand-woven. Ahmisa Silk is non-violent, and it can be made smooth by a special spinning process. The surface is matte.



50cm x 60cm



The silk is non-violent and 100% organic.



Due to high demand delivery time is 3 - 5 weeks.

Any other questions please see our FAQ or contact us.
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