The Kind Shirt


The classic white shirt reimagined with a sheer, non-violent and organic silk fabric. 

Conventional silk farming has both ecological issues due to the use of pesticides and ethical issues since it involves killing the silk worm before it emerges from its cocoon. Sustainable farming is managed without the use of antibiotics and pesticides, cocoons have more space, and the worm is actually let out of the cocoon when it becomes a moth. 

This allows the silk to be manufactured without harm to the beings that created it - the mulberry silk moth. 

Product Information

100% non-violent, organic silk

Measured on a size M 

Chest: 58 cm
Sleeve length: 60,5 cm
Length (front): 66 cm
Length (back): 80 cm

The silk is non-violent and 100% organic

The Kind Shirt is crafted by hand in Sweden it will require a delivery lead time up to 5 weeks.

International Shipping
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